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Using a multispecies aquatic mesocosm to assess the impact of pharmaceuticals compounds (anti-inflammatories and antibiotics) on the microbiome

Author(s): Herruzo-Ruiz AM; Sendra M; Moreno-Garrido I; Blasco J; Michán C; Alhama J;
Presenter: Julian Blasco

Nowadays, the use and abuse of pharmaceuticals compounds have provoked an increasing in the occurrence of these substances in many environmental compartments (surface water, sediment and biota). However, the microbial communities are involved in their biodegradation and biotransformation, which can be produce even more harmful products for aquatic life. Nevertheless, the work carried out about the impact of pharmaceutical active substances on the environmental microbiome is scarce, despite of their key role in the functioning of ecosystems. In this work, using a multispecies aquatic mesocosms, we have analyzed the effects of single and binary mixtures of pharmaceuticals (anti-inflammatory: ibuprofen and diclofenac, and antibiotics: ciprofloxacin and flumequine) at two concentrations, 5 and 50 µg/L, on the sediment microbiome. Taxonomic identification of bacterial microorganisms by using 16S rRNA genomic analysis at the phylum level was performed in control and exposure conditions after 7 days. Results showed a high sensitivity of sediment microbiome to pharmaceuticals compounds. The highest changes were observed with the antibiotic flumequine. Anti-inflammatory showed less alterations than antibiotics.

This work has been funded by the Spanish National Research Plan (CTM2016-75908-R and PID2019-110049RB-I00) and EDRF. The authors would like to thank to the Andalusia Regional Research Plan to support research teams BIO-187 and RNM-306 and the Research Support Services (SCAI) of the University of Córdoba

Keywords: pharmaceuticals ; microbiome; aquatic mesocosm




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