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Assessing the effect of silver and cadmium and their mixtures using a multispecies system at different trophic levels: multibiomarker approach and environmental microbiome

Author(s): Trombini C; Herruzo-Ruiz AM; Sendra M; Moreno-Garrido I; Alhama J; Michán C; Blasco J;
Presenter: Julian Blasco

The occurrence of metals in aquatic ecosystems is on many occasions linked to contamination problems, although the release from natural sources can co-exist, and the relative importance of their origin depends on the metal and the area. Due to many activities (agriculture, mining, wastewater, etc.) that can release them to aquatic ecosystems, metal contamination is a ubiquitous problem in those environments. However, the information available about the effect on specific trophic levels is less known. In this work, we have employed a multispecies experimental sediment-water setup with microbiome, microalgae, microcrustacean and clams, to assess the impact of Cd and Ag exposure, individually and in a mixture, at two concentrations, 5 and 50 µg/L. A multibiomarker approach was carried out in the clam Scrobicularia plana to assess the impact of metal pollution. Enzyme activities related to oxidative stress and bioaccumulation in the control and exposure organisms were determined. Simultaneously, the identification of bacterial microorganisms at different taxonomic levels was performed by using 16S rRNA genomic analysis. Results show specific changes related to the different metal exposures. As far as we know, this work is the first one combining a classical multibiomarker approach with the global evaluation of the environmental microbiome.

This work has been funded by the Spanish National Research Plan (CTM2016-75908-R and PID2019-110049RB-I00) and EDRF. The authors would like to thank to the Andalusia Regional Research Plan to support research teams BIO-187 and RNM-306 and the Research Support Services (SCAI) of the University of Córdoba.

Keywords: multibiomarker; metals; multispecies system




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