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Author(s): Urionabarrenetxea E; Garcia-Velasco N; Zaldibar B; Soto M;
Presenter: Manu Soto

During years sewage sludges have been poured in agricultural soils worldwide to enhance vegetal production. The “Landfill 17” located in Gernika-Lumo town (43°19'28.9"N 2°40'30.9"W) received for decades sewage sludges from the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) with agricultural purposes. Thus, several pollutants from local industry such as heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb), PAHs (benzo(a)pyrene among many others) and pesticides (i.e. dieldrin) were widespread all over the landfill. Among the most affected species, soil invertebrates like earthworms and plants must be highlighted; specially due to their close contact with the polluted matrix. In this context, the aim of the present work was to determine the health status of landfill soils by evaluating the effects on model soil organisms exerted by long-lasted presence of pollutants after on site deposition of WWTP active sludges. With such a purpose, different standard toxicity tests and cellular level endpoints were performed on earthworms and lettuce. Indeed, OECD acute toxicity test (OECD-204), reproduction test (OECD-222) and Calcein-AM viability test with coelomocytes were applied in Eisenia fetida worms; while germination and root elongation tests were carried out in Lactuca sativa. For the exposure, soils collected in the landfield containing low (L), medium (M) and high (H) concentrations of pollutants were selected, and as reference LUFA 2.3 natural standard soil was chosen. Results showed significant differences between experimental groups and control group; being measured lower coelomocyte number and viability, tissue metal accumulation, severe weight losses and reproductive impairments in experimental groups. These results confirmed the chronic impact of contaminants to soil biota after sewage sludges deposition.
Financial Support: Basque Gov (IT810-13; ITO18-16), CTM2017-87766-R, AGL 2015-64481-C2-1-R and AGL2016-76592-R from MINECO, PhytoSUDOE-SOE1/P5/E0189.

Keywords: sewage sludges; biomarkers ; standard toxicity tests




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