Approved Abstracts

Spatial heterogeneity and potential toxicity of Arsenic in The Bay of Puno, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Author(s): Biamont-Rojas IE; Cardoso-Silva S; Alfaro-Tapia HE; Pompêo MLM;
Presenter: Ivan Edward Biamont Rojas

The Lake Titicaca’s hydrological system is endorreic prevailing the calcareous rock formations. The Bay of Puno is located in the northwest of the lake delimitated between Capachica and Chucuito Peninsulas, and the city of Puno. The geogenic metal presence, Arsenic among them, which are carried due to weathering and rain to the lake where these particles settle. Sediment assessment in the Bay of Puno need a constant analysis to determine the concentrations and its temporal and spatial distribution. This study evaluated the arsenic amounts in the Bay of Puno sediments, classifying them according to international sediment quality guidelines. The surficial sediment samples were collected along the bay, which were analyzed following the USEPA 3050B method. The Arsenic resultant concentrations were interpolated applying a geostatistical technique (kriging). The interpolation values were classified in categories based in the quality guidelines: Threshold effect level (ISQG/TEL) and Probable effect level (PEL). Considering four categories “Good” (0-TEL). “Regular” (TEL-PEL), “Bad” (PEL-PELx3), “Terrible” (PELx3-more). The arsenic concentrations (11.4 81.2 mg As/Kg) reached values higher than PELx3. The classification showed that the sediment quality for As is “Bad” and in two sample site “Terrible”. There is a marked spatial heterogeneity for Arsenic and a high potential toxicity that can impact not only the biodiversity but the people as well.

Keywords: Arsenic; Lake Titicaca; Potential toxicity




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