In case you are not registered in the event, please access the menu “REGISTRATION” and fulfill the form. Insert a valid e-mail address since all notifications regarding the abstract will happen electronically via this address.
The submission system will inform that your data was registered successfully and will show the button “CLICK HERE” to access your restrict area. Once you access this button click in the menu “MY ABSTRACTS” and follow the instructions.
You will not need to subscribe again in your future accesses, since you will already be registered in the system. In this case, just enter your login and password previously registered and access your restrict area.

Deadline for abstracts submission: 30/07/2021


There is no need to pay the event registration at the time of the registration. The author responsible for the abstract submission should perform the payment by 29/07/2021.
Discount registration values will be applied following the dates available in the “Registration Rates” table at the event website regardless the approval of abstracts. You will need to respect the dates in this table in order to ensure registration with discount.
Carefully review your abstract before submitting it. Eventual changes will be allowed only until the abstract submission deadline.
The author responsible for the abstract submission should fulfill all the gaps in the online form. All the information concerning the abstract will be notified to this author by the registered e-mail. This author will be in charge of informing the co-authors. 
Choose an abstract category according to the options bellow:

- Oral presentation: Oral presenters get 15 minutes for their presentation, and additional 5 minutes for questions and switching between presentations. Session chairs will be instructed to be extremely strict regarding timing.
- Poster presentation: Posters should be prepared in portrait format (typically 90x120 cm). The name of the author who will be presenting the poster must be underlined.

After the abstract submission, an automatic e-mail message will be send to the responsible author (submitting author) in order to confirm the registered information. In case you do not receive this automatic e-mail message at the submission day, your abstract may not be registered correctly. In this case, inform the occurrence via the e-mail address mailto: abstract@cicta2021.com.

The submitting author must be registered and attend to the event.
There is 3 abstracts limit per author.
There is no authors limit per abstract.
Attention: All the material resulting from the abstracts (annals and certificates among others) will be a faithful reproduction of the information registered by the submitting author. Thus, it will not be possible to perform any tittle, abstract or authors spelling alterations after the abstract submission deadline. The registered information is entirely responsibility of the submitting author.  
The submitting author will be able to opt for a preferential category for the abstract’s presentation. However, the Scientific Commission has the right to alter this option.
The Scientific Commission’s final decision is supreme, irrevocable and unappealable, and will not be reviewed. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation can be presented as posters. The authors will be informed of this decision.

Abstracts should be inserted in one of the following areas:

» Aquatic Toxicology
» Biomarkers
» Bioremediation
» Cell and Molecular Toxicology
» Chemical Environmental Monitoring
» Ecosystem Effects (Ecosystem Level Effects)
» Emerging Compounds (Emerging Toxic Compounds (Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural contamination)
» Endocrine Disruption
» Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
» Global Climate Change
» Microbial Ecotoxicology
» Nanotoxicology
» Pollution, Conservation and Soil Recovery
» Risk Assessment


The abstracts can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese Language.
All the abstracts selected for Oral Presentation should have the slides prepared in the original language they were submitted.
The abstracts title must be concise and reflect the study to be presented. The content of the abstract should be related to the chosen topic.
The abstract text must not exceed 600 words in length.
The abstract must be written in one single paragraph and following this suggested sequence (no need to indicate these itens): Background/introduction; Objective; Methods; Results; Discussion/Conclusion; Financial Support.
The Institution in which the study was performed, as well as the author’s names, should not be mentioned in the title or the abstract.
Graphs and tables will not be allowed in the abstracts. 


After the end of the event, an online certificate will be conferred to the submitting author, who will be responsible for passing it to the other authors. Only 1 (one) certificate will be emitted per presented abstract. The abstracts certificates will be available according to the author’s registration order. Important: the certificates will not be sent to the attendee’s e-mail.    


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