• Aquatic Toxicology
      • Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
      • Endocrine Disruption
      • Emerging Compounds
      • Biomarkers
      • Pollution, Conservation and Soil Recovery
      • Nanotoxicology
      • Aquaculture and Environment
      • Cell and Molecular Toxicology
      • “Omics” methods
      • Microbial Ecotoxicology
      • Bioremediation
      • Chemical Environmental Monitoring
      • Risk assessment
      • Ecosystem Effects
      • Global Climate Change
      • Pollutant Distribution in the Biosphere
      • Monitoring and Modeling
      • Socio-political-economic aspects
      • Environmental Health



Hotel Himmelblau has a family tradition of over 40 years, operating and offering the very best in hospitality. Located in the central region of the city, we are close to the main attractions of Blumenau, next to Shopping Neumarkt and at a distance of 2km from Vila Germanica Park.

Rua 7 de Setembro - 1415 - Centro
Blumenau - Santa Catarina - Brasil
CEP: 89010-203

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